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E-logistics: Program E-LOGIS DEMO

e-logis is a complete IT solution for logistics in different industries. It tracks all material movements, manages information flow, provides data for analyzing logistics activities, and assures efficient warehouse utilisation, quick movements within the warehouse and precise inventory control and exchange data with ERP systems.

e-logis warehouse offers the checking of deliveries according to the advance delivery note, checking of inventory according to date of production, batch number or lot number, the preparation of an optimal collection path, the making of transport documentation and dispatch advice. Data processing is carried out by the server, issuing demands for picking or cross-docking to portable RF terminals (Kyman DOS). Completed operation in the terminal is instantly visible in the system e.g. the inventory at the selected location is reduced at the time of movement. If the stock falls under a certain minimum quantity, a demand for restocking is created. Furthermore, the software notes down the type and time of operation. This offers the possibility of developing and using a wide range of statistical data on warehouse operations.

The basic modules of warehouse operations - receiving, shipping, picking, cross docking - have all been upgraded and now offer new advantages with the use of RF terminals and bar code readers: an up-to-date online inventory, measurement of efficiency of individual workers, reservation of stock for production

Database: MSSQL

Hardware for e-logis demo:

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