Faculty of Organizational Sciences
University of Maribor, Slovenia
Kidričeva cesta 55a
4000 Kranj
Phone: +368-4-237-4291
Fax: +386-4-237-4365

Jože Gričar, Professor Emeritus, University of Maribor


Website Administrator
Mag. Ana Malešič, Research Assistant
Phone: +386-4-2374-291
Fax: +386-4-2374-365

Inter-Municipality Initiative
Cross-border eCollaboration in the Danube eRegion

Cross-border eSolution/eService Development Prototype Proposal

  Prototype form
Italy-Slovenia Cross-border eCollaboration Workshop

Development Agency Sora Ltd.,
Rok Šimenc
, Director

Prototype title: From the Source of Sava River, along the Danube, all the Way to the Sea - the Network of Handicraft Centres  

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Development Centre Kočevje Ribnica d.o.o.
Milena Glavač
, Director

Prototype title: Connecting of knowledge and practice  

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Eurosportello – Unioncamere del Veneto
Luca Pavanato, Project Manager

Prototype title: Touristic Routes Development Strategy 

Prototype title: Innovative mobile training for the development of entrepreneurship

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Evolaris next level GmbH & Mobile Living Lab
Dr. Christian Kittl, Managing Director

Prototype title: Regional Cross-Border Exchange of eInvoices in Healthcare

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Faculty of Organizational Sciences
Dr. Mojca Gabrovšek
, Dissemination Manager

Prototype title: Eco-tourism for sustainable territorial development

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Famm Commerce Ltd., Logatec
Janez Debevec, Director

Prototype title: SMEs Cross-border eSupply

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Geodetic Institute of Slovenia Ljubljana
Mag. Katja Oven
, Project Manager

Prototype title: e-collaboration against rheumatic diseases

Dr. Dalibor Radovan, Manager of Development sector

Prototype title: A system of geospatial health indicators for health care management

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Ineor Ltd., Ljubljana
Mag. Egon Milanič
, Project Manager

Prototype title: Real time insight into free healthcare capacity of cross-border hospitals in a case of epidemic disease outbreak or a major disaster

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Insiel Mercato SpA, Trieste
Alberto Steindler

Prototype title: Cross Border EHR (Electronic Health Record) 

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MKS Electronic Systems Ltd., Ljubljana
Dr. Drago Rudel
, Director

Prototype title: Telerehabilitation using multimedia educational contents 

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O3 Enterprise, Trieste
Andrea Poli

Prototype title: Multitouch open source radiological station  

Prototype title: A DICOM archive (PACS, Picture Archiving & Communication in Medicine) for anotomopathology images

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Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia
Mag. Edmond Pajk
, Director of IT

Prototype title: Cross-border identity correlation in the Danube region

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Postojnska jama d.d. Postojna
Marjan Batagelj
, President of Management Board

Prototype title: Cross-border eTourism – Danube and Alpe Adria Tourist Champions League

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University Medical Centre Ljubljana
Jani Recer
, Assistant Director for Informatics

Prototype title: Management of drug related problems 

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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
Dr. Brane Leskošek, Assist. prof.

Prototype title: Cross-border e-Discharge Letter  

Prototype title: Cross-border ePrescription 

Dr. Jure Dimec, Assist. prof.

Prototype title: Information system for expert help with the research proposals involving live organisms 

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University of Modena and Reggio Emilia & SATA Srl
Dr. Flavio Bonfatti
, Professor & SATA Shareholder

Prototype title: eInvoice accelerator

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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Inforamtics, Varaždin
Dr. Neven Vrček
, Professor

Prototype title: Electronic Invoice – regional cross border exchange

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Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (UIRS)
Gulič Andrej, M.Sc
, Research fellow

Prototype title: Mobile public transport guidance for sustainable cross-border mobility

Prototype title: Mobile e-services for tourism development and marketing in cross-border areas 

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Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital
Dr. Ingrid Milošev
, Director assistant for scientific research and educational area and Head of the Department of Physical and Organic Chemistry, Institute "Jozef Stefan" Ljubljana

Prototype title: Regional arthroplasty register

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ZZI d.o.o., Ljubljana
Igor Zorko
, Manager
Prototype title: Electronic Invoice – regional cross border paperless invoicing

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